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Every client has different requests and which we will support individually.
We bring technology to the people and people to technology.
Both together enable sustainable development.

Cooperation with our clients have usually start from five initial situations:

  • All NEW: concept and planning of a new infrastructure („green-field-approach “)
  • Adaption: enhancing and optimizing the existing infrastructure
  • Integration: connecting existing systems (e.g. Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Consolidation: compaction and optimization of existing infrastructure in order to reduce costs
  • Transformation: migrating older systems on new platforms

We provide consulting during design, support during setup and give advice for operating your infrastructure.

In addition, we provide trainings on following topics:

  • Ansible
  • Openshift / Kubernetes
  • Haproxy
  • Nginx
  • __*__Ops
  • Clouds (PaaS, IaaS, …)
  • Plannings (System Architecture, Application’s Architecture, …)
  • Unix Server Administration
  • Debugging und Tuning of Server applications
  • Application Development

You can contact me for any further questions and orders